Wetland Permitting

Regardless of the size of your project, it is possible that a wetland permit will be required.  In some instances, a minor project may be exempt from permitting.  In other cases, wetland permitting may be needed at the Local, State and Federal levels.  We have successfully permitted thousands of wetland related projects ranging in scope from simple landscaping projects to significant wetland filling projects.  There are numerous wetland resource areas that are afforded regulatory protection such as Bordering Vegetated Wetlands, Riverfront Area, Land Subject to Flooding, Bank and Buffer Zones.  It is imprtant that wetland resources are properly identified so that the regulations can be followed and the project can be fullfilled to the maximum desired extent.  It is also important to understand the process so that a simple project is permitted in the simplest fashion and conversely a complex project surmounts all of the hurdles.