Stamski and McNary, Inc., is a full-service civil engineering, land surveying, and land-use planning company providing services since 1984 to homeowners, businesses, real estate development corporations, educational and religious organizations and municipalities in Massachusetts.  Our projects range in size from Septic System repairs for single family homes to Site Plan designs for hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial and retail facilities.  Our staff is geared to efficiently and cost effectively execute tasks of varying sizes and complexity, whether in the office or in the field.  We have extensive, proven experience in finding solutions to the most complex challenges.

Phone Directory:

ph: 978-263-8585

fax: 978-263-9883


Joseph March, P.E., P.L.S., Principal ext: 202jm@stamskiandmcnary.com
George Dimakarakos, P.E., Principal ext: 212gd@stamskiandmcnary.com
Jonathan Bollen, P.L.S., Associateext: 206jdb@stamskiandmcnary.com
Debbi-Ann Sebastian, Administrator ext: 201das@stamskiandmcnary.com
Thomas Shanley ext: 209tvs@stamskiandmcnary.com
Scott Parmenterext: 208sp@stamskiandmcnary.com
Daniel Carr, P.E.ext: 214djc@stamskiandmcnary.com
Molly Obendorf, E.I.T.ext: 207mko@stamskiandmcnary.com
Alexis Ramos Colonext: 215 arc@stamskiandmcnary.com
Paul Kirchner, E.I.T.ext: 216pfk@stamskiandmcnary.com
Nathanial Cataldoext:204nc@stamskiandmcnary.com
Jared Conwayext:218jjc@stamskiandmcnary.com