Noble Field and Tennis Courts

The Noble Field and Tennis Courts, located at the Nashoba Brooks School, is a multipurpose recreational facility that includes 4 tennis courts, a multipurpose field for soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey as well as access to canoeing ponds.  The site formerly contained two single family structures that were re

St. Irene’s Church

When the St. Irene Parish needed a new, bigger church, we were happy to transform the site of their recory into the new home for the Parish.  A new church, parking lot, septic system, stormwater management system and well were layed out and designed in a manner that met the parish’s needs.  The facility now serves the parish like never before.

Acton 9/11 Memorial

The Acton 9/11 Memorial was dedicated to Acton residents Amy Sweeney and Philip Rosenzweig who were both on American Airlines Flight 11 and recognizes public safety personnel. With the help of the Sweeney and Rosenzweig families along with the 9/11 Committee and Stamski and McNary, Inc., a design was developed to bring a piece of history, reflection and dignity home to Acton.  The memorial features steel from the world trade center that was dispensed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.   It was dedicated on  September 11, 2011, the ten -year anniversary of the fateful day.

Miracle Field

The Miracle League of Massachusetts is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides children with mental, emotional and/or physical challenges an opportunity to play baseball as a team member in an organized league. Stamski and McNary, Inc, had the honor of applying its extensive experience and expertise in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying in making this truly miraculous field come to fruition.  Our firm, in conjunction with the profuse generosity and dedication of others, helped make this dream a reality for countless families and children in the area.

Brookside Shops

Brookside Shops is comprised of approximately 75,000 square feet of upscale retail space.  The project relied upon careful analysis of grandfathered zoning afforded by the Subdivision Control Law.  The site design involved the complex integration of subsurface sewage disposal, stormwater management and stringent groundwater protection reulations.

Concord Riverwalk

Concord Riverwalk, Developed by NOW Communities, is a compact, sustainable, neighborhood in Concord, MA, permited under the Planned Residential Development (PRD) special permit process.


This Multifamily residential project included a number of unique design features.  It is comprised of two separate buildings on two lots, but the buildings sit upon a common parking area that crosses the lot line.  Both buildings share a common garage entrance and the garage is covered by a Green Roof.  Each building contains 6 dwelling units.  Though the project sits on lots with limited area, stormwater was managed in accordance with applicable regulations.  Multifamily projects vary in complexity and Stamski and McNary, Inc., has expertise on many fronts.

Single Family

Single Family residential projects can feel as complicated as a major project.  In some instances a Single Family residential project may require wetland permitting, stormwater management, special permits, variances, sewage disposal system design, minor subdivisions, erosion control plans, endangered species permitting and more.  As time passes, regulations become more complex and the need for a competent and knowledgeable firm like Stamski and McNary becomes more apparent.  If your project is simple, we will make sure it stays that way and if it is complex, we will guide you through the maze of regulations.